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Marketplace registration, health insurance eligibility – Marketplace follow-up information

published to July 10, 2014

Most people provided all the data they needed in the application, but some consumers were asked to follow up when they signed up for Marketplace coverage. Back up what you entered in the application I need your help if I’m asked for information about Information on the application may not match what is found in other records. We were able to complete the registration process, but we need to follow up as soon as possible and provide additional documentation to ensure the correct information is included in our marketplace.

7 things to know when someone asks for more information on the marketplace

  1. Marketplace has sent you an email or email requesting additional information so that we can resolve your issue and renew your Marketplace eligibility. If you do not receive a reply, we will also send you a reminder.
  2. An action must be taken to upload or mail a document. Your tax deduction or coverage may depend on it. Uploading documents is the fastest way to get your documents to us. You can do this through your account.
  3. The notification you receive will contain exactly the information the Marketplace requires. Log in to your Marketplace account at To upload a document – ​​Here’s how: Once logged in, select the current application and click Application Details using the menu on the left side of the screen. The next screen shows a list of inconsistencies in the application. Follow the steps for each discrepancy and upload the necessary documents to fix the issue. If there are multiple discrepancies in your application, or if there are discrepancies for multiple people, please follow the instructions for each to upload your documents. This is the fastest way to process documents. Note: Do not use the following characters in the name of the file you upload. / \ : * ? “|.
  4. If you choose to mail your documents, please ensure that the notification page mailed by Marketplace contains a barcode unique to you and your situation. Use this page to easily match your mailed document with your Marketplace application.
  5. While we are reviewing your documentation, your current Marketplace coverage will remain intact.
  6. If you have uploaded or mailed a document but Marketplace has not sent you a notice of the outcome or status of the issue, we are still processing your information.
  7. You must submit your documents even if the deadline specified in the notification letter is approaching or has already passed.

See list of documents you can upload or mail When asking for more information. If you have any questions, please call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596.

Remember, it’s important to provide any additional information requested to ensure that you maintain the Marketplace coverage you already have and the reduced tax credits and cost sharing you currently receive. Marketplace will notify you once your information has been verified and your issue has been resolved. If you do not send us the required documentation, you risk losing Marketplace coverage or will not receive any assistance you may have received for such coverage payments. We owe you and the taxpayer to double-check this information. Please help me complete this task. Check this out from today’s “to do” list.

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