Maren Morris slams ‘cowardly’ trolls in Brittany Aldean feud

Country singer Maren Morris targeted ‘cowardly’ trolls as her feud Get enraged With fellow country singer Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany.

during the performance “I’m Listening” Podcast On Wednesday, Morris opened up about having to face online “bullying.”

The “My Church” hitmaker says the problem with social media is that “people can cowardly hide behind their phone screens.”

“Because I’m where I am and I’m still dealing with it, I completely sympathize with the kids who are dealing with it,” Morris said.

“It really never ends. Whether you’re being bullied as a public figure or being bullied as a child, you’re always going to face some kind of adversity or somebody trying to pop a hole in your balloon of happiness. increase.”

Morris’ clashes with Aldean began when the ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ singer’s wife thanked her parents for ‘not changing’ her gender during her ‘tomboyhood’ period in August 2018 . instagram clip.

“LOL!! Glad they didn’t either, because you and I wouldn’t have gotten along.” my husband replied in her comment section.

Brittany Aldean's Instagram post in August sparked backlash over her claims "transphobia" comment.
Brittany Aldean’s Instagram post in August sparked backlash over her alleged “transphobic” comments.
Britannia Dean/Instagram

Morris accused Brittany on the post Tweet“Is it so easy not to be a mean person? Sell your clip-ins and zip it up, Riot Barbie.”

brittany told FOX’s Tucker Carlson After the exchange, she received tremendous support, especially from “people with children”.

“I advocate for my children,” Aldean said in an interview. “I don’t think children should be allowed to make life-changing decisions at such a young age. They are not mature enough.”

Morris revealed this week that he
Morris revealed this week that he “doesn’t feel comfortable” going to this year’s CMA Awards amid the heated feud.
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The feud also affected Brittany’s husband Jason. A person who quit a PR company after working for 17 yearsThe Green Room, followed Brittany’s post, which many of her followers deemed “transphobic.”

it will come in a few days Morris revealed she ‘does not feel comfortable’ Going to this year’s CMA Awards amidst a heated feud.

Morris’ hit “Humble Quest” named Album of the Year; Jason, 45, named Musical Event of the Year for “If I Don’t Love You” duet with Carrie Underwood・We are competing for the year.

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