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Many railway workers go on strike again in large parts of Holland

According to the VVMC union, employees of the regional railway company will soon strike again to demand better working conditions as part of a collective bargaining agreement for transport workers in the region. The union recently held talks with employers, but subsequent wage proposals were not “significant” and “still too low,” he said, according to a VVMC spokesperson. It is not yet known when the new strikes will take place, but unions say they will cover multiple areas simultaneously.

This demonstration is specially organized for a small group of workers represented under contracts with multiple forms of public transport providers covering specific areas. Approximately 1,300 employees will be covered by the contract, primarily training staff. The deal covers companies that offer both bus and train transportation, such as Arriva and Keolis.

Train staff there have already gone on strike for two days last week, in Twente, Dordrecht and Limburg on Thursday and in all regional territories on Friday. These labor actions coincided with the strike as part of a larger regional transportation collective bargaining agreement covering approximately 13,000 employees.

Nevertheless, a strike within a small collective bargaining agreement can actually have a large impact. For example, in the north of the country he had three strikes in December that created problems with timetables across the northern states. Train crew from Friesland also worked on the Groningen route and vice versa, so a reliable timetable was not guaranteed.

Part of VVMC’s requirements include maintaining the current level of employee purchasing power. The pressure faced by workers must also be reduced. Earlier, the union had already referred to “irreconcilable differences regarding the drafting of a new collective bargaining agreement”. Keolis was asked about Tuesday night’s strike but was unable to immediately respond.Arriva said it could not comment on the record because the airline has not yet received an official notice.

Moreover, there is no deal yet with larger collective regional transportation contract negotiations. Last week’s strike resulted in cancellations worth his 40% of regional schedules. The CNV union did not participate in the strike. Because at the time union members were discussing the level of support for the strike.

On Tuesday night, CNV reported that the carrier will soon be hit with an ultimatum. If there is no response, new actions will follow, the union said. The FNV union said it planned to provide more information on possible follow-up measures on Wednesday.

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