Manchester United, Liverpool ‘fishing with the same USD’ | Players, staff ‘restart’

Manchester United players and staff are optimistic about their future after the club was effectively put up for sale by the Glazer family.

A new owner signifies a fresh start for everyone at the club and removes the negativity of hostility towards the current owner.

Manchester United and Liverpool are “fishing in the same pond in the United States” when it comes to attracting buyers, according to a person involved in the sale process.

sky sports news Despite the big numbers being talked about, the realistic sale price is said to be £2.75 billion for Liverpool and £4 billion for United.

The world record sale price for a sports franchise is £3.9 billion, paid by members of the Walton family to the Denver Broncos in August.

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Sky News City editor Mark Kleinman explains why the Glazer family are considering financial options that could include a full sale of Manchester United.

Potential bidders are expected to approach well-known former Manchester United players such as David Beckham and well-known supporters such as Rory McIlroy to become part of the consortium.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe tried to buy Chelsea through the Rain Group, but they know he’s interested in United.

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Sky Sports News’ Ben Ransom reports that the Glazer family is open to selling Manchester United, which they have owned for 17 years.

The fact that about 25% of United’s shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange is said to facilitate the sale of the club to US-based sports investors.

Apple has been asked to comment on reports that it is interested in acquiring United. Tech companies are increasingly interested in buying content for their streaming platforms, but buying a football club for a company like Apple would be a shift in strategy.

We understand that Qatar Sports Investments, which owns PSG, is not interested in buying United.

Why are both Liverpool and Manchester United on the market?

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Sports commercial advisor Ben Peppi explains why the Glazers are considering a potential sale to Manchester United.

Sky Sports News Senior Reporter Melissa Reddy said: “It was largely driven by Chelsea’s £4.25 billion takeover.

“Sky Sports News The Glazers and Fenway Sports Group have been reportedly at ‘peak’ for top club valuations for months now.About Roman Abramovich.

“It will cost £2.5bn to acquire the Oligarch’s stake, with binding commitments of £1.75bn for future investments in the club’s stadium, academy and women’s team amounting to £4.25bn. .

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Jamie Carragher claims the resignation of sporting director Julian Ward is a concern for Liverpool and the uncertainty surrounding the club is a concern in terms of recruitment

“A US-based source who has been involved with Glazers and FSG on financial matters said the Chelsea sale had ‘turned the dials’ for both owners. there”.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire: “The Glazers have seen what happened at Chelsea. There must be

“Perhaps given the price Liverpool are being sold for, they will feel they can get a premium on top of that and now would be an ideal time to sell – Manchester United are currently in the infrastructure It requires huge expenditures from the point of view of… , no doubt, player recruitment.”

What other factors are there?

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Manchester United legend Lee Sharp believes many fans will welcome news that Glazers are exploring a possible sale of the club

Melissa Reddy: “Not only is the financial industry believing that now is the perfect time to hit the market, but so are the increasing costs of having to compete with national clubs on and off the pitch.

“United and Liverpool have been the driving force behind the failure of the European Super League. Spending on transfer fees and wages capped at a certain percentage of earnings aims to be a ‘level playing field’ against clubs with limitless resources. ESL was also a guarantee.If your income is not growing, selling is considered the best way to maximize your return on investment.

“United have additional concerns including interest rate risk to consider, fan outcry and overwhelming dissatisfaction with ownership.

“The club has also taken into account the challenging global economic forecasts for the next few years.”

Kieran Maguire: “I don’t think[Cristiano]Ronaldo’s departure will have as much of an impact as people are claiming. Looking at the latest Manchester United accounts, the value of merchandise sales in 2021/2022 is comparable to the previous season. It actually decreased in comparison – despite having Ronaldo.

“So I think the expected bump didn’t materialize, so it’s probably in the best interest of all parties involved for him to move on.”

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