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Mali – Une crise humanitaire oubliée

“Mali seems like a forgotten crisis,” Mohamed Toure, head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR) in Mali, declared before the press on Tuesday, 24 January 2023. The United Nations expresses its concern and condemns a certain indifference of the international community.

In addition to Mali, the West African landlocked country and surface area (1,241,238 Km2) after Niger has fallen prey to multiple terrorist attacks. La partie septentrionale du pays est particulier ravagée depuis des années par des Riotciones à l’égard des Populations Civiles.

These facts are confirmed by a report by the United Nations Refugee Agency, which found that the persecution and intimidation carried out by armed groups in Gao, in this part of Mali, has caused misery and confusion among the population. I discovered that

Several years of French military presence have been visibly unsuccessful in ending these violence.

According to HCR representatives in Mali, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating. “Unfortunately, the laziness of international aid providers has led to a significant decline in aid to refugees and displaced persons despite their enormous needs,” said Mohamed Toure. says.

And for the mobilization of the European Union and the comparison of Etats-Unis in the face of the situation in Ukraine, it is the duty of representatives of the HCR au Mali. Il s’agit parfaitement d’une crise oubliée non seulement par les puissances européennes et americaines, mais égamente par les autres etats africains.

Instead, ECOWAS is more willing to find “other syndicalists” in the country’s head, as reflexes and actions dominate jihadist groups in Mali.

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