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Make the most of your health insurance in 2017

published to March 23, 2017

If you have 2017 Marketplace health insurance, check out four ways to stay healthy and get the care you need.

understand your health insurance

  • The providers and copays you can view depend on your insurance plan.
  • Obtain your plan’s “Benefits & Coverage Summary” from your insurance company or via the link in the plan description in your Marketplace account and use it to determine your plan’s coverage, cost sharing rules, and coverage limits. Please Confirm.

Find doctors in plan

Learn about prescription benefits

  • Health insurance can help pay for certain prescription drugs.
  • Visit your insurance company’s website, call your insurance company, review your Benefits and Coverage Summary, or read the mailed materials to find out which prescriptions your plan covers.

Take advantage of free preventive benefits

  • All Marketplace health plans cover a range of free preventative services, including some screenings, health checks, patient counseling, and wellness services. You must use a provider in your plan’s network.
  • Check out the full list of eligible services.

If you have never had health insurance or have discontinued coverage, please use our website for more information on using coverage and improving your health. A roadmap to better care and health (PDF).

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