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Magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocks Mexico, damage still unknown

MEXICO CITY: A powerful earthquake with a provisional magnitude of 6.8 shook buildings in the Mexican capital.
The quake struck just after 1:00 am on Thursday. This comes just three days after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake shook western and central Mexico, killing two people.
of U.S. Geological Survey Thursday’s quake, like Monday’s tremor, was concentrated in western states, it said Michoacan Close to the Pacific coast.
The epicenter was about 29 miles (46 kilometers) south-southwest. AguirillaMichoacan, about 15 miles (24.1 kilometers) deep.
The Michoacán government said the quake was felt throughout the state, but did not immediately report any damage.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Twitter that aftershocks from Monday’s earthquake were also felt in the states of Colima, Jalisco and Guerrero.The president said there were no immediate reports of damage.
Mayor of Mexico City Claudia Scheinbaum He said on Twitter that there were no immediate reports of damage in the capital. Residents swarmed the streets as earthquake alarms rang out.
The earthquake rattled an already nervous country. Monday’s stronger quake was his third major one on September 19 in 1985, 2017 and now 2022.
The 2017 and 2022 September 19th quakes come on the heels of annual earthquake drills held annually on September 19th to commemorate the devastating 1985 earthquake that killed about 9,500 people. Did.

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