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‘Magazine Dreams’ Review: Jonathan Majors gives a strong performance in a tense drama. Sundance 2023

“Bodybuilders don’t have scars,” says Cillian Maddox (Jonathan Majors) Writer Director Elijah Bynumof magazine dreamsKillian’s body certainly looks perfect, but she continues to improve on what she considers to be her flaws. He’s been told his deltoids are too small, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t build more muscle in his legs. His frustration at not being able to connect with the person in his life, and his focus on improving himself to a degree that could lead to his downfall.

Killian ideally wants to be remembered as a bodybuilder who can grace the covers of magazines and win world championships. He wants to leave his mark on this world. While other bodybuilders in the competition look relaxed as they tense and pop every muscle on their toned bodies, Killian is trying as hard as he can as a human being. It looks like To him, yet no matter how hard he tries, it never will.

when you see magazine dreams, can’t help but feel like Killian. I get tense and struggle with every move. magazine dreams Two hours of exhaustion, a kind of exhaustion from watching a person self-destruct that hasn’t been seen since. uncut gemstoneKillian is an easy-to-sympathize character, a lonely man who just wants to. Several Though attention-grabbing, Bynum continually urges audiences to stay by his side, and seeing how hard he can test their loyalty, he goes deep down the rabbit hole. And what a rabbit hole it is. What begins as a personality test quickly changes after the scene where Killian’s life goes from bad to worse. Show the audience a new low level.

The Majors give an incredible performance here. This is by far the best example in his filmography and shows that he has countless talents. This is essentially an opportunity for Majors to play a Travis Bickle-esque character, and he enjoys the opportunity. He gives every part of himself in this role, even if it’s not, and the audience can feel how much he’s given in essentially every scene.

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There are seldom moments when the major isn’t central, magazine dreamsthe outstanding characters he meets on this journey of destruction, highlights Killian’s grief and pain. Haley Bennett There are only a few scenes with Major, but in one scene in particular, she shows through her mannerisms how someone can know from being on Killian’s side that they need to get away from him. Similarly, Taylor Pagehe also only appeared in a few scenes.

With Bynum working with the cinematographer, this is also a great movie to watch. Adam Alcapoe (King, animal kingdom), which not only emphasizes the darkness of Killian’s world, but also allows the audience to appreciate the beauty and power of bodybuilding, and the human body itself. .

But the biggest problem is magazine dreams That’s how Bynum talks about Killian’s very obvious mental health issues. He recently got into trouble by saying he would crack someone’s head and drink their brains. So it’s clear he has some issues to work out. Even though the therapist is a helping hand who wants to help, he brushes off any attempts of help from her or others. , seems to be about needing to reach out when you can, but here’s what he’s saying: is not everything you need. Several characters try to help Killian, but given his circumstances, he’s understandably a difficult character to be around.

At times this feels like Bynum is testing the limits of anyone with a mental health issue that needs to be addressed, which is certainly a problem. It shows that there is a need for better mental health services for people, and it also shows that those in need may follow this dangerous and terrifying path Killian takes. Again, it’s a testament to Major’s performance that despite his precarious and questionable treatment of mental health here, he still keeps this character interesting and caring throughout the film. Even at his worst, he understands what led him down this path of self-destruction and general destruction.

magazine dreams A difficult and challenging watch, backed by an incredible performance by a major that could easily be one of the best of the year. We’re told to relax every time, but it’s almost impossible to relax through the two hours of unfathomable trauma and struggle that Bynum puts before us.

evaluation: B.

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