“Lord of the Rings” Episode 5 Ending Explained: How Was Mythril Created?

Lord of the rings: Ring of power Episode 5 “Farewell” prime video Finally we show Galadriel (Morphid Clarke) leads the Numenoreans, including Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) — to Middle-earth, but it might not be the part of the episode that rocked you the most. Do they worship Sauron? Is the Stranger officially Sauron. Or is this the cult of Morgoth searching Middle-earth for the sign of Myr?

Beyond the eerie evil cult that hunts down Strangers, Lord of the Ring It also wrinkled Tolkien’s epic lore. Tolkien never provided a backstory for Mithril, but what we do know is that Gilgalad (Benjamin Walker) told Elrond (Robert Aramayo) a seemingly apocryphal story about elves, trees, and Balrogs. reveals that the Mithril is tied to the Silmarillion.

Here’s everything you need to know about the big mystery and even bigger reveal Lord of the rings: Ring of power Episode 5 “Farewell” on Prime Video…

Nomad, Ascetic, Dweller - Sauron cult gals - The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
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who is hunting strangers Lord of the rings: Ring of power Episode 5? Cult of Sauron or Morgoth?

Worried that the stranger might be a villain, we get the biggest clue that the stranger might be Sauron just after a sweet scene in which Nori (Markella Kavenor) reassures him he’s good. A few creepy people with blond hair and ice-cold eyes surround the site of a stranger crashing meteor. A whisper of dark words is heard that evokes the sound of Sauron’s eyes. (And indeed, the voice of Eye of Sauron – Janet Roddick – has a voice credit in the episode!) Who are these people? What do they want from The Stranger?

According to the end credits, these three women are called Nomad (Edith Poor), Ascetic (Kalikopae), and Resident (Bridey Sisson). A Nomad is the one with long red hair and a cool helmet. The inhabitant is who people think may be Sauron. But she is not! (Unless she’s her! Oops, that would be a twist!)

Now, who exactly are these women? They probably belong to one of the cults that worship Morgoth. Silmarilion Explaining how Sauron presented himself as the representative of Middle-earth for his fallen mentor, finally realizing he should be the one in charge. Those who agreed to the worship of Morgoth and the Orcs believed that the worship of Valar prevented the people from their true potential.

Of course, the scene introducing them begins with a flashback of the arrival of the Stranger, who appeared to be Sauron’s eye, and ends with a meditating Adder (Joseph Maul), so this could be a Sauron-worshipping cult. After all, we know that some Southlanders already have hopes and dreams for Sauron’s return.

What really matters is that these people aren’t good and they’re hunting Strangers. Does this mean the stranger is Sauron? Maybe! However, Waldreg has already been proven wrong about Sauron. Something that makes Adar angry. So while it’s possible that The Stranger is better, as Nori believes, these cultists are as wrong as Waldreg.

Elrond and Gilgalad in The Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power
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Lord of the rings: Ring of power Episode 5 Ending Explained: How does Mithril’s new origin story tie into the Silmarillion?

Even casual Tolkien fans know that the riches of Moria Mine are not gold, but mithril. Lord of the rings: Ring of power In Episode 5, “Farewell,” Gilgalad sheds new light on Mithril’s origin story. As it happens, Mithril is directly tied to the mythical Simaril.

Simaril, the birthplace of Tolkien Silmarilion As the name suggests, three gorgeous gems forged by the elf Fëanor.He was able to capture within these gems the combined light of Valinor’s sacred tree. Morgoth destroyed the trees of Valinor, stole the Silmarils, and started the terrible wars Galadriel recounts. Lord of the rings: Ring of powerfirst opening.

Gil-galad reveals to Elrond that an obscure legend known as the “Song of the Roots of Ithildir (sp?)” tells the story of elven warriors fighting Balrogs atop the trees of the Misty Mountains. Yes. Apparently one of the lost Silmarils was hiding in that tree. The elves poured all their good into the trees, and the Balrogs poured all their hatred. A bolt of lightning seized the tree and forced a mystical force into its roots deep in the Misty Mountains. That power… Mithril.

Gil-galad believes that Mithril, an ore containing the light of the lost Silmarillion, is the only thing that can prevent the plague that afflicts the Elves from dimming the light of the Elders. convinces his fellow Durin that he must give the elves mithril to save the elven kind.

The advantages and disadvantages are Lord of the rings: Ring of power created a Mithril backstory that leads to the Silmarillion. of course!

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