Longtime WWE Writer Who Worked Closely With Bray Wyatt Is No Longer Associated With The Company – Wrestling Inc.

Longtime WWE writer Nick Manfredini, who is believed to have played a key role in creating Bray Wyatt’s promo, recently left the company. fight full selectIt is unclear whether Manfredini left on his own or was let go. WWE budget cuts are rumored to be looming.

Manfredini left WWE after nearly 13 years as a member of the company’s writing team. Like all WWE writers, Manfredini wrote promos and vignettes and pitched the stories on both “Raw” and “SmackDown”, but worked especially closely with Wyatt. Manfredini is Wyatt’s Firefly Funhousedebuted in 2019 and lasted until 2021 release from Wyatt’s companyAccording to Fightful, Manfredini was often praised by Wyatt and others behind the scenes, but he was known to downplay his contributions.

his departure Wyatt’s recent office absenceIt remains to be seen how Manfredini’s departure from the company will change Wyatt’s presentation when the “WWE SmackDown” star returns to the ring.

After working on “The Howard Stern Show” from September 2007 to December 2009, Manfredini joined WWE in 2010 as an assistant writer and worked his way up to becoming a full-fledged member of the writing staff. , eventually promoted to Senior Writer.

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