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Lili Manns takes on new director of Vantrust AGF.Diario Financiello

Según indicaron desde la farma, su The main objective is the state of the new cargo, the client is the public fondos and the private ligados, with the reversal of influence.

Commercial Engineer, Influential Investment Professional, Liliana Manns, se conviró este jueves en la nueva directora de la Administradora General de Fondos (AGF) de Vantrust Capital.

According to the company, Its main purpose and new cargo brings clients to public and private funds related to impact investingLas Quares Vaskan Kriya, positively reflects the social conditions of the ambient and the ambient, Ya Al Mismo Tiempo Tenor Retornos Finanche.

On top of this Manss matches the directory compuesto por cinco personas, siendo ella laprimera y única mujer.

Después de trabajar susprimeros siete años de carrera en la banca, tanto en Chile como el extranjero, Manss focused on his professional trajectory in the field of sustainable finance which he carried out. gerenta general and Lumni Chile, donde lederó la creación de fondos de capital humano.

Anteriormente, también fue directora de la Banca Ética Latam. Today, Actua como directora de Comunidad en The ImPact.

“This incorporation follows one of Vantrust Capital’s missions: to foster impact investing within the company’s policies and product portfolio.they explained in a communiqué, indicating that they were the first companies to sign the Green Agreement and agreed to implement the UN’s ODS.

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