Lewis Hamilton rivals Michael Schumacher’s seven world title records

In order to win the F1 Drivers’ Championship in Istanbul Park, Mercedes drivers need to finish ahead of their teammate Valtteri Bottas, often easily finishing in dangerous situations, winning the race from 6th place for the fourth straight victory. Achieved.

Last month, 35-year-old Hamilton surpassed Schumacher 91 Grand Prix record high It’s been a long time since he won to become the most successful racer in the sport and broke the record for German career pole position.

If he stays in the sport, Hamilton is widely expected to add to his world title tally. But whatever he achieves over the years to come, his position in F1’s Pantheon is guaranteed.

After passing the 94th Grand Prix victory finish line, Hamilton said on the radio, “For all the kids dreaming of the impossible, you can do that too. I believe in you. “.

It was a great drive from one of the best ever. After poor practice and qualifying sessions this weekend, a question mark was raised as to whether Hamilton could win in Turkey. In wet conditions, it was a decisive call to Hamilton’s tires that Mercedes drivers took control in the middle of the race and ultimately proved to be extremely important.

After the victory was achieved, Hamilton accepted his team and with tears in his eyes, he told Sky Sports that he was “lost.”

“We have to start by being very grateful to everyone here and to everyone who has returned to the factory … the journey I have taken with this team is monumental. It was something like that, “he said.

Lewis Hamilton vs. Michael Schumacher: Who is the best?

“Thanks very much to Team LH for spending the last few years with me and my family. I dreamed of this when I was young. This is a way far beyond our dreams.”

Hamilton, a record that many thought was out of control when Schumacher won his seventh title in 2004, is his fellow driver, sports star around the world, Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. I received a congratulatory message from the Prime Minister.

“Greatly worth it,” tweeted the former World Champion. Nico Rosberg, Former Hamilton Mercedes teammate and one of the few drivers in Briton’s 14-year career to finish ahead of Hamilton in the championship.
Former Manchester United and England soccer player Rio Ferdinand His compatriot tweeted, “It’s definitely the best sportsman the country has ever produced.”
Johnson tweeted: “Impressive victory-well done @LewisHamilton! You are very proud of all of us.”

Racing Point Sergio Perez finished second, more than 31 seconds behind Hamilton, while Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was third. Bottas, the only man who could deny Hamilton’s title, finished in 14th place, was wrapped by his teammates and finished without points.

Hamilton and Mercedes Chief Toto Wolff.

The performance of Botta driving on the same Mercedes machine shows how talented Hamilton is. No one approached to challenge the World Champion during this truncated season, and he secured the title with three races still remaining.

No driver is as successful on the track as Hamilton, and the F1 World Champion has never used his height like Hamilton, the first and only black world champion in sports in 70 years of history.

At the age of 35, he was the face of his sport for a long time-his dominance and heartfelt personality made him arguably the most famous British sportsman on the planet-but especially in 2020. He has become one of the leaders in British sports, with voices in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement, and as a result his sports voice.

Prior to the Turkish Grand Prix, Hamilton said he was “much more proud” than the outlook for the seventh world title, with a campaign for equal rights.

But when the checkered flag was waved, it became clear how much this title meant a once-in-a-generation talent.

Emotional Hamilton celebrates with his Mercedes team after the race.

“My life was secretly dreaming of this height, but I’ve felt crazy so far. Seven are unimaginable,” Hamilton said on the podium.

“I feel like I’m just getting started, it’s really weird. I’m in good shape and mentally this year was probably the most difficult for millions of people.

“On the big stage, I know things always look great from here, but that’s no different for us athletes. It’s a challenge and I didn’t know how to get over it. Keep my head on the water, I was able to stay focused …. “

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