Letter to the Editor — Sep. 24, 2022

The problem: A man who allegedly sexually assaulted five people while awaiting rape verdict.

Every day brings another example of how New York’s bail laws have made it dangerous.

The most recent is a report on an accused rapist who obtained a lover’s deal promising just 30 days in prison and continued to commit sex crimes while awaiting sentencing. In one day she attacked four women and her one man (“Perverted Justice” September 23).

One of the victims was not at all surprised that New York law and the weak governor and district attorney allowed perpetrators to roam free to commit these heinous sex crimes.

On November 8th, we have the opportunity to take the city back from the criminals who own it and the reckless politicians who support and agitate those criminals.

For our city, our safety and our sanity, let our voices reach Ballet Box.

Mark E. Kasowitz


It’s clear Ho-chul and her staff can’t (or refuse) to read.

Pick up any newspaper (preferably The Post) and select almost any page. It turns out that the system is not working.

Crime, both above and below ground, is clearly out of control and must be contained before it’s too late.

Get to work, Governor. Fire Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and stop bowing to the Awakeners’ ludicrous plans. Bring back law and order to the people of New York City.

Doc Ludemann

Bridgeport, Connecticut

It’s incredible that Bragg is still a DA.

The district attorney offered rapist Justin Washington a plea bargain for a smaller fee.

Washington didn’t stop. He attacked again. Without him out, this wouldn’t have happened. This shows how DA Bragg is lax about these horrific crimes.

Clearly, Bragg is indifferent. Mr. Bragg he is DA. We will continue to see these criminals in the streets instead of behind prisons where they should be.

Bragg, I think it’s time for you to step down. Because you’re not letting these hardened criminals walk down the street to get a job.

Rob John


Shame on the people of New York if you don’t vote Ho Chul down. A pass is given to the predators and Bragg remains in power thanks to Hochol.

All the blood shed and ruined lives of innocents in the city of New York lie at the feet of Hochol and Bragg. If no change, New York voters.

Guilty mercy is rebellion against the innocent.

James Papas


Problem: Comments by Mayor Adams, who frequently appears at celebrity events and parties.

Mayor Adams doesn’t get it (“Mayor Preachs Nightlife Choir”, Sept. 21).

At the NYC Hospitality Alliance’s 10th anniversary party, the mayor — trying to defend New York City’s love of high life — posed the silly question, “Isn’t this what the mayor should be doing?”

The answer is no. If you’re the mayor of a city in decline with crime rates off the charts and an unprecedented drain of taxpayers, partying isn’t an option.

Dick Mills


The only consistency in this “management” is that this empty suit is party focused.

Adams didn’t care what city he supposedly served. Just point him in the direction of the next party and he’ll go crazy for it all.

I never thought New York City would elect someone as bad as Putz before. This guy is worse.

Stephen Valentini

Bonita Springs, Florida

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