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Lebanese migrant ship death toll rises to 61, minister says – Times of India

BEIRUT: Syrian authorities have recovered the bodies of at least 61 people aboard a migrant ship that sank offshore after it set sail. Lebanon Earlier this week, the Lebanese minister said on Friday that the search operation was continuing.
Ali Hamie Twenty survivors are being treated in Syrian hospitals, he told Reuters.
Lebanon has experienced a surge in immigration following a devastating financial crisis that has pushed parts of the population into poverty over the past three years. In addition to Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian refugees are also trying to leave the country by sea.
Syrian authorities began finding bodies off the coast of Tartus on Thursday afternoon.The transport ministry cited a survivor who said the boat had departed from northern Lebanon. minye 120 to 150 people will be on board and heading to Europe.
“It sank. I don’t know the details,” Hamie said.
Samer Qubrusli, Syria’s port authority, said rescue operations continued on Friday.
The number of people leaving or attempting to leave Lebanon by sea has almost doubled from 2020 to 2021. united nations The refugee agency told Reuters earlier this month.
Compared to the same period last year, it will rise again by more than 70% in 2022.
The Lebanese army said Wednesday it had rescued 55 people from a broken down boat in the country’s territorial waters and pulled it back to shore.
In April, a migrant ship leaving near Tripoli was sunk when it was intercepted by the Lebanese navy off the country’s coast.
About 80 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian migrants are on board, of whom about 40 have been rescued, seven are confirmed dead and about 30 remain officially missing.

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