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Latin American and Euro leaders form new group to tackle ‘left populist’ advance

A group of 11 conservative, center-right leaders from Latin America and Spain, including former President Mauricio Macri of Argentina, aims to promote regional coordination and address the rise of the “populist” left. launched a new political forum on Friday.

The Grupo Libertad y Democracia (“Freedom and Democracy Group”), led by former Chilean President Sebastian Piñera, is a new forum for discussion and coordination. Its members say they seek to combat the advances of the region’s “populist” left-wing governments and to confront corruption.

“This group was born today here in Santiago. We believe it is imperative that we organize, unite and defend ourselves in order to defend the freedom and democracy of our continent. From” Andrés Pastrana of Colombia and Jorge Quiroga of Bolivia.

The group also includes Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso and Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez, former Spanish government leaders José María Aznal and Mariano Rajoy, and former Mexican presidents Felipe Calderón and Vicente Fox. is included. This list is completed by former Colombian presidents Iván Duque and Macri.

During the launch, most of the leaders participated online, criticizing the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela for their “lack of liberties” and alleged human rights violations of their citizens.

At the same time, they questioned the “silence” of left-wing governments, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, in the face of such actions.

Pinera said the forum will bring together politicians, academics, foundations and civil society representatives to advance conservatism.

Addressing the group from a VIP lounge at Madrid’s airport, Macri said his country had experienced “a very serious level of destruction” under the populist regime. He criticized President Alberto Fernandez, saying the Argentinean government “has no direction, no plan, just postponing problems.”

He also claimed that some of the region’s former presidents and leaders were “collaborating” through left-wing movements such as the Foro São Paulo and Grupo Puebla.

They “acted in unison to impose these ideas that, in many moments, have underestimated them, a very subversive but very successful story,” he declared.

“This group … is designed to confront the enemies of democracy more effectively, with greater will and courage, to truly coordinate our actions, to move from words and good intentions to actions and results. I got it,” Pinera emphasized.

– Times/AFP/Profile

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