Larry Zbyszko remembers planning the NWO’s first invasion of WCW

Few people in the wrestling industry have had a more solid and storied career than Larry Zbyszko.of former apprentice When Rival of Bruno Sammartinoeven as WWE Hall of Fame Inductee,Recently, The “Insider Edge” Podcast And then the role he played in the genesis of the New World Order in WCW surfaced.

“When I heard someone talk [was] I heard some ideas, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and it wasn’t a good idea,” Zbyszko said. WWE can make it look like he’s breaking into WCW. So I programmed it to look like that.” [Eric] … had an idea… but when I laid it all out, Eric was like, “Damn, that pisses me off. Your idea is great, better than mine!” But he was smart enough to listen. … Scott listened, Nash listened,” added Zbyszko.

The self-proclaimed “living legend” also spoke about the positive audience reaction he began receiving while on WCW’s commentary team. “They just started chanting ‘Larry! Larry!'” But it seems that not everyone was a big fan of the praise Zbyszko received. “So it was funny,” Zbyszko continued. “They say, ‘What’s going on here? The stations are more popular than I am!’

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