Larry Page’s flying car startup Kitty Hawk shuts down

Heaviside was Kitty Hawk’s last eVTOL in development. | | Image: Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk, an ambitious ‘flying car’ startup funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, has confirmed it will shut down. In a letter posted on LinkedIn today,.

according to report from insideraccording to an insider source, Kitty Hawk is already Heaviside vehicle for 100 miles. insider Paige has moved further and further away from the company, but said he was more closely involved in the transition to research and development after the Heaviside project ended.

Kitty Hawk has stopped developing its own aircraft, but at least one project remains in its joint venture with Boeing, Wisk Aero. “Today’s news has no impact on Wisk. We remain strong…

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