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Lance Reddick’s wife releases emotional statement after actor’s death

Upon receiving the obituary, Lance ReddickStephanie’s wife released an emotional statement in response to the actor’s death.Debuting as an actor in the late ’90s, Reddick quickly rose to stardom for his performance in HBO’s crime drama. wire and prison drama Ozand Fox sci-fi thrillers fringeReddick’s talents have also been seen on the big screen and in video games, among them: John Wick As Commander Zavala in the franchise destiny video games.

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This week, after an illustrious career of 40 years, Lance Reddick has died at the age of 60and now his wife Stephanie I took to Twitter to deal with the loss.

Stephanie Reddick released a very emotional statement, as noted above, in which the actor said, “taken from us too soonThank you for the outpouring of love, including destiny player. Reddick also encouraged his followers to honor his memory by donating to his Baltimore-based MOMCares, which supports black mothers with services including healing tools, emotional support, and child care. bottom.

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Hollywood mourns loss of acting legend

Asia John Wick 3 Kate Dillon and Lance Reddick

Reddick’s death came as quite a shock to both the star’s fans and the industry at large. of the month John Wick: Chapter 4has already gotten some of the best reviews for the Keanu Reeves-led franchise and its upcoming spin-off ballerina,from now on white men can’t jump Play a remake of Zeus on Disney+ Percy Jackson and Olympians The series officially finished shooting in February.

Many of Reddick’s former collaborators, including The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, took to social media to express their grief over Reddick’s death. wire Creator David Simon and co-stars Wendell Pierce and Isaiah Whitlock Jr. Oz and fringe Kirk Acevedo co-stars. Reeves and director Chad Stahelski devoted John Wick: Chapter 4 in his memory and their “love and prayerTo his wife Stephanie and their children.

Although he rarely takes center stage in his projects, Lance Reddick He brings a lot of charisma and power to his wide range of projects across multiple mediums. His death left a huge hole in the Hollywood acting world, but those who enjoyed the actor’s work can look forward to honoring his memory with the rest of his releases in the near future.

tomorrow: Godzilla vs Kong: Who did Lance Reddick play? (Why was his scene cut?)sauce: Stephanie Reddick/twitter

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