Kristen Doute Shares How Shaana ‘Probably’ Attacked Raquel, Covers Injury, Pump Rules Return, and Talks LVP

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Kristen Doute don’t think Shayna Shay punched Raquel Revis after learning her cheating and Tom Sandoval, long time boyfriend or their mutual friend, Ariana Maddix.

while appearing in Nick Viallthursday podcast, vanderpump rules star who back to the show season 10 Laid off in June 2020commented on Raquel’s restraining order Explained to Shaana why she agreed to the film and revealed the offer Lisa Vanderpump Made Ariana after a messy split with Sandoval.

“I know Scheana was pissed off, but…Scheana can’t hit someone no matter how angry she is,” Kristen claimed on the March 16 episode. biol filevia 6 pages“She swings five bucks and her nails are longer than her fingers. That’s just bullshit.”

According to Kristen, Shaana “could have pushed” Raquel and “could have scratched her with a nail.”

“If she did, I applaud her. Backhanded [Stassi Schroeder]of course, [in 2014], and did you see me prosecuting? ‘ she asked, nodding at her own relationship with her friend Stassi’s then-boyfriend. Jax Taylor.

Kristen went on to say that in Raquel’s eyes, “always… it was darker down there‘ and told her to ‘grow up’.

“She didn’t break your bones,” said Kristen, her alleged scratch From Scheana “Red Lip Liner and [drawing] a line,” he joked, and that the injury “healed quickly.”

As pump regulation Fans will recall, Raquel didn’t appear to be sporting a cut when she was first seen. Appeared in Post “Scandval”and Kristen took note, saying that “her face had no marks” before shading her legal filing as “convenient.”

“How convenient that Raquel doesn’t have to sit under those hot lights now, or sit in that hot seat. ” she doubted.

During “Scandal,” Kristen chose to return to filming with Ariana — only after Ariana gave her the go-ahead.

“We shot that scene because Ariana specifically said, ‘I want you to do this for me,'” Kristen revealed. every week“I told her, ‘I have nothing to gain from this. In fact, I would probably look like an opportunist or a thief.’

“I specifically told her, ‘This has nothing to do with networking, production, ratings, or anything else. Because I had to talk about this a million times with a lot of people in . I did,” she continued.

and in spite of not on good terms Along with Lisa, Kristen praised her former boss for offering Ariana “off-camera” support.

“Ariana said Lisa welcomed her with open arms. You can come, bring your dog and cat, you can stay at Villa Rosa.” “Ariana was like, ‘Shhh, do I do it? That’s great. …She needs all the love and support she can get, whether it’s from people I don’t like or not.’ increase.

In addition to being open about pump regulation scandal Kristen hosted her own episode on Nick’s podcast sex, love and other important thingsalso via every weekmeanwhile, she clapped to the body-shamers.

As fans may have seen, Kristen faced harsh criticism after paparazzi took pictures of her outside Ariana’s house.

“I text Ariana last minute because mom only wears leggings since 2019.” Excuse me, am I standing in perfect posture and flexing my remaining abs? are not worried.”

“How do you have the right to make such a comment? How were you raised?” “Fuck me, fuck me. Go to sleep.”

After noting that many people accused her of being “pregnant or fat” and accusing critics of being “rude,” Kristen admitted to shading one person in particular. rice field.

“Are you perfect? ​​Sorry you’re not six pack, who cares?” she asked. “Body shaming is just bullshit. I know my own insecurities, so it irritates me.

Kristen said she started gaining weight “a few months” after quitting smoking and recently stopped working out after her trainer moved to Tennessee.

“I haven’t been working lately. [my] mind, body and soul. When I’m stressed, I put my weight somewhere else,” she explained.

vanderpump rules season 10 It airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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