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Kremlin: Putin visited the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol

The city has been under Russian military control since May 20, 2022. Meanwhile, she was largely destroyed by Kempffe.

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The city has been under Russian military control since May 20, 2022. Meanwhile, she was largely destroyed by Kempffe.

(dpa) – For the first time since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Kremlin President Vladimir Putin visited the occupied territories of neighboring countries. The Kremlin announced on Sunday night that Putin had arranged for the port city of Mariupol am Azov, which was destroyed in heavy fighting, to have more “Arbeitsbesuch”. zeigte den 70-Jährigen am Steuer eines Autos beim Fahren durch die nachtliche Stadt. Zu sehen waren am Rande also destroyed the building.

After arriving by helicopter, he tours the place, entertains the city’s residents, and the Kremlin continues to speak. Deputy Chief of the Government of the Russian Federation Marat Chusnurin informed President Putin about Wiederaufbauerbeiten’s condition. “Die Menschen beginnen, in die Stadtzurückzukehren”, quietly he Chusnullin auf dem Beifahrersitz.In Mariupol street lights and bus traffic are given again.

According to Das Staatsfernsehen zeigte dem Bericht zufolge auch den Besuch Putin in der Philharmonie der Stadt, in der the President auf einem Stuhl in einem Saal Platz nahm. According to Darstellung Chusnullins, the university building and student dormitories are also intact. Gezeigt wurden auch Bürger thanked President Putin for his unannounced visit.

Visit to Crimea

After the Kremlin, Putin held a meeting in the Russian city of Rostow in Don, near Ukraine, for a command conference for a “special military operation” against Ukraine. There, the President received instructions from Commander Valeri Gerasimov, who is also Chief of the Russian General Staff, and other officers on conducting combat operations in neighboring countries.

Putin visited Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula Crimea, which was annexed in 2014, on Saturday afternoon. Das Staatsfernsehen broadcast pictures for his 9th anniversary of Einverleibn. The Kremlin chief himself was at the wheel of the car, and an art school for children was opened in the port city of Sevastopol.

This is the first arrest warrant issued by Gericht in relation to Ukrainian mutmaßlichen Kriegsverbrechen.

Russia started Angriffskrieg against Ukraine on February 24th of the previous year. Mariupol was besieged by the russische Truppen und geriet erst am 20. The city was largely destroyed during the fighting. Ukraine announced the liberation of Mariupol.

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