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KNVB abandons OneLove armband at World Cup after FIFA warns of yellow card

Dutch football association KNVB has decided to drop plans to continue its OneLove campaign at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. KNVB announced after FIFA said orange captain Virgil his fan Dijk will not wear his OneLove armband at his World Cup.

The KNVB regrets that it “has not been able to reach a joint solution”, the football association said. NOS report. “We stand by the OneLove message and will continue to spread it, but the number one priority at the World Cup is to win games.

Two Qatari sources close to the Guardian said the decision was solely FIFA’s.

The OneLove campaign is KNVB’s initiative to fight racism in connection and football. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland pledged their support to the Dutch campaign, Started playing with the OneLove bracelet September this year.

Just three weeks ago, the KNVB made clear that the Dutch men’s national team would continue. Support for the OneLove campaign during the World Cup regardless of impact. “We will release that statement, and if a fine is imposed, let it stand,” his KNVB executive director Gijs de Jong told his NOS.

The eight teams that qualified for the World Cup, including the Netherlands, wore armbands in Qatar as a statement against stigma and abuse against diverse sexualities and genders, and in support of fair treatment and equal human rights for all. said he planned to wear Teams planning to use the captain’s armband include the national teams of Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Wales.

But now FIFA seems intent on enforcing it Calls to focus on football, not human rights, during the World Cup over fine. “It is unprecedented for FIFA to want to punish us on the field. We will take a critical look together with the countries concerned,” the KNVB said.

The English Football Association has also confirmed that team captain Harry Kane may be booked to wear an armband. As of Sunday, Wales captain Gareth Bale said he will still wear the armband.

It is not yet clear whether other countries will also bow to this new pressure from FIFA.

The OneLove campaign has received limited criticism in the Netherlands.Captain of Feyenoord and Excelsior refuse to wear bracelets Citing their religious beliefs caused some controversy. Even at KNVB withdrew from its own initiative in the country

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