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Know where to get medical care

published to August 4, 2014

Knowing where to go when you need medical care is important. There are some significant differences between visits to primary care providers and emergency room visits, including costs, waiting times for treatment, and follow-up.

Get regular medical care: Your primary care provider will work with you to help you get the right preventative services, manage your chronic illness, and improve your health. Before going to a clinic, clinic, or health center, visit your health insurance website and check the provider’s directory online. You can also call your insurance company directly to ask questions, or call your healthcare provider to see if they accept your health insurance.

Get emergency medical care: In an emergency, you should get treatment from the nearest hospital that can help you.Insurers cannot seek prior approval before receiving emergency room service from providers or hospitals outside your plan’s network. . Insurance companies cannot charge more for emergency room services at hospitals outside their network.

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The difference between a provider’s office and an emergency department

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