Khloe Kardashian shares never-before-seen baby footage. 2 born

second season premiere of kardashian family Hulu picks up where it left off and families have learned it. Tristan Thompson I got another woman pregnant. But what no one knew at the time was Khloe Kardashian Tristan had already had an embryo transfer to have a second baby via surrogacy.

“I don’t want to cry,” Chloe began. “Tristan and I… don’t even know if you want to say ‘Tristan and I’. I I have another baby and obviously it’s really private and I don’t want to make this public right now.I’ve been through a lot at the same time. “

Chloe struggled in tears with her confession in the sand, but that didn’t help.

The episode was very emotional, with Chloe struggling to get excited about welcoming her second baby into the world due to the dark clouds cast by Tristan, and her mother and sisters watching Chloe suffer. It was hard to watch. Viewers got a glimpse of Chloe’s surrogate giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Shooting date Kim Kardashian’s iPhone, we were taken to the delivery room, where as the baby was born, Khloe stood next to the surrogate and quickly took the surrogate in her arms.

Viewers got emotional while watching the birth of Chloe’s son, taking to Twitter Wednesday night to state what a beautiful moment it was and how excited she was to meet him for the first time (Khloe I haven’t shared any baby images yet (publicly).

The baby was born on July 28, and while Khloe has yet to reveal his name, her family and fans are thrilled that Khloe can finally move forward with joy.

“Since December, every day this dark cloud has loomed over me. Please close that chapter, let this trauma end, and leave it behind me,” Chloe said. Now I can finally start enjoying life with my two kids and understand this.”

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