Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Finally Reunite for WWE Smackdown – Wrestling Inc.

After turning my back on Roman Reigns (Hence the Bloodline) In January, Sami Zayn was on a mission.And after weeks and weeks of candidly explaining it for his best friend Kevin Owens to listen to, weeks after weeks of approaching beatdowns, and after some actual beatdowns, ” The Prizefighter” hugged Zane “WWE Smackdown” We wrapped up on Friday night.

At the beginning of the night, however, things didn’t seem so rosy. He obliged, but “American Nightmare” didn’t take place there and Zayn started calling to the ring too. Owens said he heard everything Sami had to say. However, Zayn turned him down, stating that he hadn’t heard everything KO had to say and he wanted to hear it. Considering you said you didn’t even have to be friends with Owens had a simple message.

“Why do you fight for someone you don’t want to be friends with?”

Zayn approached KO in the arena parking lot and told him that they were brothers and that Owens loved him to get rid of him. I didn’t. In the end, things changed with Jay attacking Sami. Soon, his younger brother Jimmy came to the ring and continued the beatdown. That’s when KO’s music hit and after sweeping The Usos out of the ring, he hugged Zayn in front of a packed crowd in Kansas City, Missouri.

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