Judgment Day must kick Finn Balor out of the stable if 10-year wrestling veteran joins WWE

Former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor has ousted founder Edge to become the leader of The Judgment Day. If the 10-year wrestling veteran were to sign with a Stanford-based promotion, the prince could suffer the same fate.

Former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White. Balor and White have a long history. At some point in their respective careers, Switchblade and The Prince led one of professional wrestling’s most popular factions: his The Bullet Club.

Balor was one of the founders of The Bullet Club. A few years after The Prince left New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Jay White In charge of a faction.He is currently a free agent as his NJPW contract recently expired. be interested in signing him.

Oji will face R-rated superstar Edge at WrestleMania 39. Meanwhile, at the same event, Rhea Ripley will square off with Charlotte her flair at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Hypothetically speaking, if Finn Balor loses the match and the Eradicator wins, the faction may begin to question the Prince’s leadership.

On RAW after WrestleMania, we were able to turn on Balor for the rest of Judgment Day and introduce our new leader, Jay White. This may be the second time White has overtaken a faction built by the Prince.

Jay White thanked Finn Balor for signing with NJPW

in an interview with Scenery of New Japan Pro WrestlingWhite claimed that the real reason behind his NJPW signing was Finn Balor’s connection to Bad Luck Fale (founder of Bullet Club).

He also said that the seeds were planted early on for him to become the leader of The Bullet Club.

“I don’t think he expected to lead the group, but it was pretty much decided from the beginning. [that I] Become part of a group.the connection i had to make [Prince] with debit [Bad Luck] Fares was the one who got me into NJPW in the first place. I think there were too many roots planted in me from the beginning,” said Jay White. [H/T NJPW Landscape]

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Before leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling, Switchblade lost to Eddie Kingston. “Losers leave NJPW” match.

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The reigning champion of WWE challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin.detail Here.

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