Johnny Knoxville uses taser to punish ‘Jackass’ teammates in ‘celebrity family feud’

Above celebrity family feuds Season Finale Thursday, Cast jackass forever, creators member Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine. As you can imagine, the entire episode was filled with laughter. However, there were also some punishments for wrong answers.

After Dave Englund answered the prompt, “Second,” “Tell me what you don’t want happening when you’re having sex in an airplane toilet,” Knoxville quickly and unexpectedly said to England I walked over to and immediately tasted his breast. The unexpected impact so shocked England that his body actually popped off the ground at least four feet.

host Steve Harvey He couldn’t believe what he just saw.

“The team has to try harder,” Knoxville said simply. Ehren didn’t get as strong a reaction as England, probably because he was expecting a taser.

But the tasting was not limited to this However his teammate. In fact, when Knoxville himself gave the wrong answer, he pulled out a taser and was shocked.

Viewers loved the utter chaos of the entire episode. jackass cast, and on social media called it one of their all-time favorite episodes.

Harvey, on the other hand, still couldn’t believe Knoxville would go to such aggressive lengths to punish his team. jackass Starr: “When your teammate answers, you have to say, ‘Good answer, good answer.’ Don’t punish him for tasting his ass.”

“In my defense, it was a movingly bad answer,” Knoxville explained.

of celebrity family feuds The season finale aired on Thursday, September 22nd. ABC.

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