Johnny Depp and his lawyer-turned-girlfriend Joel Rich hid in plain sight

Johnny Depp and his newly revealed Lawyer Turned Girlfriend Joel Richhiding in plain sight for months.

despite not having an official role as a movie star Winning defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard Earlier this year, Rich was photographed in Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse nearly every day during his multi-week trial from April 11th to June 1st.

The 37-year-old London-based attorney represented Depp, 59, in a UK defamation lawsuit against Sun in 2020. legal lossthe pair luckily appeared in love.

According to countless photos taken from inside and outside the courthouse, Shilling Law Firm partner Rich arrived with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, sat right behind him in the front row, and made the day. was waving to the fans at the end of Leave the premises with him and get into the same car.

At one point, paparazzi even spotted Rich leaning over and smiling when Depp showed her something on the phone.

Joel Rich and Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp and girlfriend Joel Rich have been making public appearances together for months.
Poole/AFP via Getty Images
Joel Rich and Johnny Depp
Photos show that she was present nearly every day of his trial against Amber Heard, even though she wasn’t involved in the case.
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While the lovers keep their attitudes towards each other’s pros, one source told Weekly She was certainly there for ‘personal’ reasons, mainly to ‘support’ her husband.

It’s unclear when their relationship became romantic, and a rep for the actor couldn’t be reached for comment.

However, a Us Weekly insider leaked that the two would “discreetly” meet at a hotel during the early stages of their courtship.

“Their chemistry is insane,” said the source. “It’s serious between them. They’re real.”

Rich is Mother of two children in divorce mediationshe was apparently married when she met Depp.

Joel Rich and Johnny Depp
The pair seemed to get along but were professional.
Ron Sachs – CNP

Despite her apparent presence in a highly publicized defamation lawsuit, fans are convinced that the “Scissorhands” star is secretly dating us or his US attorney, Camille Vasquez. was

but she soon quieted the rumor factorycalling the rumors “sexist” and “unethical.”

“I care a lot about my clients. We’ve obviously become close,” she said. told people in june. “But when I say ‘we’, I mean the whole team, and that includes Johnny, of course.”

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