John Smoltz plays ‘Field of Dreams’ game on the day his father died

The second annual Field of Dreams game was a very emotional one for John Smoltz.

The right-handed Hall of Famer was still working on FOX Sports broadcasts after his father, John Adam Smoltz, died Thursday at the age of 79. He was supposed to turn 80 next month. by WILX10an NBC affiliate located in Lansing, Michigan.

“He lived by his beliefs and loved his family,” Smoltz, 55, said on air. I can’t think of a day to honor him anymore, when I think of this park, this movie, and how he loved all of us and everyone he came into contact with.

“I am the man I am because of him. He was great.”

John Smoltz (left) speaks with FOX Sports broadcast partner Joe Davis about the death of his father, who passed away Thursday morning, during a “Field of Dreams” game.

Smoltz’s broadcast partner, Joe Davis, asked why he still decided to call the game.

“I can’t explain the peace I have,” Smoltz said eight times. Cubs beat Reds 4-2 in Dyersville, Iowa. “It comes from God and the way he lived. … I call it 4 L. He lived. He laughed. He learned. … He listened.” He gave us everything we needed to get the job done and show up.

“And I feel like I’m showing up at work. There’s no better way for my mom, brothers, sisters, and the support I got today,” Smoltz added. “It started early this morning. I’m sure [his death] will hit [me] when i got home. But if he leaves, today is the perfect day for him. ”

Smoltz also told a great story about his father, who made his first baseball card when the pitcher was in high school, and then gave the card to people wherever he went. I said, but in my later years, I came to appreciate it.

“I miss him, but I live every day for him,” Smoltz said.

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