Joe Thornton’s return to sharks is ‘up to him’, says Mike Greer

Greer says Thornton and Sharks reunion possible until Jumbo originally appeared NBC Sports Bay Area

Is it still open for Joe Thornton to play for England? San Jose Sharks?

New GM Mike Greer didn’t shut it down when asked specifically in what capacity he would welcome Thornton’s return to the Sharks.

“Things are up to him. I don’t know if he wants to play,” Greer said on the first day of training camp. “When he understands it and his family understands it, I will have a conversation with him one day.

Thornton wasn’t on the Sharks’ first training camp roster, which was announced Tuesday.

“I think he enjoys being a father, being there for his kids, helping them coach, and coming here and skating with everyone,” Greer said.

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