Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Coolidge, Shirtless Lenny Kravitz, Brave Wedding From Hell in Shotgun Wedding Photos

Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Coolidgeand very wet shirtless Lenny Kravitz Locked and loaded for the most chaotic wedding of all time with a new round of their upcoming photos Ryan ReynoldsŃâ╗Produce action comedy Shotgun wedding.

Lopez leads the film Josh Duhamel (who replaced Armie Hammer in the movie After the actor fell out amidst sexual misconduct accusations, which he denied (he denied it) after cold feet turned hot when criminals took the entire party hostage, a wedding in an exotic location. as a disintegrating couple descending into further turmoil.

Shotgun wedding

Ana Carvarosa/Lionsgate Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding

Lopez and Duhamel appear to fight on new set Photos in progress, Coolidge appeared comically tying his hair with hair curlers. Kravitz can also be seen in water up to his knees while the hostage raises his hand behind him.

Shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding

Ana Carvarosa/Lionsgate Jennifer Coolidge in “Shotgun Wedding”

Cheech Marine, Darcy Cardenand Sonia Braga also have supporting roles in films shot in the Dominican Republic. sister When pitch perfect Directed by Jason Moore.

Shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding

Ana Carvarosa/Lionsgate Lenny Kravitz Standing Shirtless in the Jungle, ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Lopez previously announced the film’s premiere in April 2021, posting a series of photos of her standing next to Duhamel in a bloody wedding dress.

“I can’t wait for you to see this movie,” Lopez wrote on social media at the time.

Shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding

Ana Carvarosa/Lionsgate Darcy Carden and Cheech Marin in Shotgun Wedding

Duhamel also had a real-life gore during the making of the film. in seconds tonight’s show interview In May 2021, the actor revealed that he had a terrifying encounter at sea during production.

“The waves were crashing like 30 feet in the air,” he recalled. “As I was videotaping this thing, this raging wave came in and literally almost swept me off the edge of this cliff.”

Shotgun wedding Premiered in January on Amazon Prime Video at #27. Check out the new photos from the movie above and below.

Shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding

Ana Carvarosa/Lionsgate Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez hug at ‘Shotgun Wedding’

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