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January 31st is the 2017 health insurance renewal deadline.

published to December 16, 2016

If you had 2016 Marketplace coverage and did not re-enroll or change health coverage by December 15, Marketplace will reimburse you for the same plan (or You may have enrolled in 2017 health insurance under a similar plan).

This means that your health insurance will take effect on January 1st. However, the only way to ensure you have the right savings and the best plan available is to update your application and compare plans.

IMPORTANT: You can keep or change this plan until January 31st

When your 2017 health insurance coverage starts, you can keep your current plan or change to another plan.

Don’t miss the best plans and discounts for you

Even if you’re happy with your 2017 health insurance plan, you still need to update your information and compare plans.

  • financial support is based on you Be expected It’s 2017 income, not 2016 income. Updating your 2017 income and household information is the only way to ensure you have the right amount of savings. Otherwise, you may end up borrowing money when you file your taxes, or you may end up paying a higher than necessary monthly insurance premium for the year.
  • New and better healthcare plans and rates may become available this year. I won’t know until I update and compare myself.

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