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Jaime’s Story: Life Without Health Insurance

published to August 8, 2013

Have you met Jaime?

Jaime is a 27-year-old college graduate who hasn’t seen a doctor since his 11th grade physical. Her annual income is less than $20,000. She, like millions of Americans, does not have health insurance.

Sometimes you need more than a good night’s sleep

Jaime shared her story with us:

“Every time I get sick, I let you know…if Advil, NyQuil, and good sleep can’t fix it, I really don’t have a solution.

With all the obligations you already have, like paying your utility bills, rent, and student loans, you can’t afford medical bills on a budget.

If something bad happened to me…if I had an accident or developed some serious illness, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

How Marketplace Helps People Like Jaime

Jaime looks forward to the peace of mind, security, and stability that Marketplace coverage provides.

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