Itsuki Hirata admits that he is “not very confident” in his chin against Ham So Hee

Japanese standout Tatsuki Hirata has some doubts about how well he’ll do on his feet before returning to the circle on Friday night at Prime Video’s ONE Fight Night 8.

“Android 18” is her No. Ham So Hee, the second-place candidate in the atom weight class. In anticipation of the showdown, Hirata has been honing his striking skills, but in an interview with ONE Championship, Hirata admitted he feels unsure about his stand-up game and how his endurance will hold up. rice field.

“Even though I’ve done a lot of batting training, I don’t have much confidence in my chin and striking. I think you can get the power of

Ground games have always been Itsuki Hirata’s bread and butter. onex March last year.

After traveling to the United States to work with New York’s Serra Longo Fight Team, Hirata made a big comeback with a victory over “MMA Sister” Lin He-ching at ONE on Prime Video 1 in August.

Ham So Hee It will undoubtedly be the biggest challenge of Hirata’s still-developing career, but if she pulls it off, it will quickly propel her to the top of the atomweight division and set her up for a ONE World Title chance. will arrange the

Itsuki Hirata is making New York home as he continues to develop his MMA games

in a promotional interview. Itsuki Hirata In fact, she revealed that she moved to New York to focus more on developing her mixed martial arts skills.

“I live in New York and rent a house here, so it’s New York for now. [that is home]… I think New York is a great place to train because it offers opportunities for strength and conditioning, moves applicable to MMA, levels of MMA and cage wrestling. ”

Initially, “Android 18” traveled to the United States due to the lack of sparring partners and the variety of partners that could be trained with while in Japan. She takes great pride and aims to bring back the ONE World Title to the Land of the Rising Sun, but it was a necessary change for her to become the best fighter she can be.

All ONE Fight Night events will be broadcast live and free in North America through Prime Video.

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