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published to March 6, 2014

Heading into the final week of open enrollment, and are ready to serve you. We all deserve the safety and peace of mind that comes with having health insurance you can count on when you need it most. It is also still available to make the application process easier.

Click here to select a state to register online.

Here are some ways we have improved the consumer experience, with particular attention to complex family situations that members of the immigrant community may face.

We know that many immigrant families are of “mixed status”, with members having different immigration and citizenship statuses. and may have family members, such as legally present immigrants, who are eligible to use the Marketplace.

Applicant and non-applicant information collected throughout the application process Not used for immigration purposesWe only legally verify your current status to verify health insurance programs you may be eligible for and to process your registration on the marketplace. Learn more about how your data is used.

We encourage you to apply for health insurance and obtain eligible family coverage. Personal information in Marketplace applications does not affect your immigration status. Get health insurance and use health insurance that this important law extends to eligible individuals – Doesn’t prevent your loved one from getting a green card if they’re not on your paperwork future or those who do not yet have a green card.

with many of us community partner Nationwide, we are committed to making sure you get the quality and affordable health insurance you need. Don’t miss this important opportunity to get affordable health care for yourself and your family.

You don’t want to miss an opportunity to get affordable health insurance ASAP. His last chance to enroll in insurance for 2014 is March 31st.

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