“It was unrealistic” | Newcastle Bowler rolls back three perfect 300 games per night

Brian Deck said last Monday that bowling didn’t feel very good, but memories of his deceased father took him to the Rose City Bowl for a historic night.

New castle, India. -If you are bowling, you know how difficult it is to bowl a perfect 300 score.

But last week Rose City Bowl In New Castle, Indiana, one bowler not only played a perfect match, but also had a perfect night.

Brian Deck started hanging out at the bowling alley at the age of seven because his father loved bowling.

“I grew up around it for the rest of my life. That’s what I love. I love competition, yes, I’m really competitive,” he said.

Last Monday, the fire of the competition took over.

“I didn’t feel great and I didn’t really intend to go to the bowl. Then I went to my dad’s grave as usual and sat there and talked to him for about an hour. It was 5 o’clock. It was about 45 minutes. I was like “uh”, “remembered the deck. “I was exhausted from work and didn’t feel like bowling. As my dad said, I just felt that strange thing.

So he appeared in the league on Monday and went on strike several times during the warm-up.

“Here and there, it felt like’good night’. The first game I liked the first four or five games in a row was,’It’s going to be great,'” the deck said. Said.

The deck cruised his first perfect game, and then people began to notice as he progressed one after another.

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“I was there and shook … I was really nervous. I got to the 9th frame and threw another strike. I said,” Well, I did the 10th frame. I had to go up there, it seemed to be automatic. Three strikes again. I was like “it can’t be helped”, “he said.

After the second 300 games, the deck began to run out of energy and said his nerves were really taken over.

“So I got up there and, as I said, I said,” Come on, dad, pull me through this last game. Come on, do you know? “He said. rice field. “And I got up there and it seemed like he just jumped into my body, like the 5th frame … or the 6th frame. It was unrealistic.”

Unrealistic words are correct words.

The deck has been on strike 36 times in a row, making it the 39th person in the world to bowl the perfect game three times in a row.

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He knew his dad would have loved this moment.

“He would be happier than me. He was really competitive because he liked to see our bowl. He didn’t like to lose. It was incredible. “

The 900 series of decks broke the 61-year-old Rose City Bowl record.


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