It was a confidence boost.” – Temba Babooma back in form in ODI cricket

South Africa’s ODI captain Temba Bavuma addressed the format’s newfound form and said it was just a matter of confidence. The right-handed hitter credited his coaches for giving him the confidence to grow under pressure.

Bavma has been on a rampage in recent months as shown in the ODI series against England. The 32-year-old has scored 144 in his 335 pursuit for the Proteas in his second ODI vs. West Indies match, which was the cause of the loss, but he again I was singing a song

This is another masterclass on knocking by Temba Bavuma. His Boundary His blend of hitting, gapfinding and strike rotation was excellent. This crowd here at Buffalo Park is special and vibrant to celebrate this knock.

Post-match story babooma The new coaching staff revealed he has been great as he has become clearer and is able to execute his skills better.

As quoted by, Skipper said:

“I am fueled by the confidence I have gained from the players and the new coaches. Skill was always there to be honest, I think it was a matter of confidence, confidence is a big thing for any sportsman.”

The Cape Town-born cricketer has struggled in 2022 in the ODI, scoring 231 runs in seven matches and averaging 33 runs in just over a century. He did worse in T20Is, failing to score, causing Proteas to quickly fall victim in the T20 World Cup and is now out of the format.

“I just hope it all stays the way it is” – Themba Bavma

Temba Bavuma.  (Image credit: Getty)
Temba Bavuma. (Image credit: Getty)

The 32-year-old also acknowledged that he has maintained the momentum from the previous series. England And that the ball is coming off the bat well. he added:

“I’m just trying to keep up with the momentum I got from the England Series. I’m hitting the ball well at the moment and finding gaps. That’s a big thing for me.” I can only hope that everything stays this way. “

The Proteas skipper’s 144 was not enough as he succumbed to a 48-run loss. West Indies highest total against South Africa in the ODI shy hopeundefeated is 128.

The third and final ODI will be held on Tuesday at the Potchefstroom.

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