Is the Stairmaster or the Treadmill Better for Weight Loss?

normal aerobic exercise, weightliftingA balanced diet is the key to any weight loss plan.

Cardiovascular activity is important in regulating both mental and physical health. It can lower blood pressure, increase stamina, strengthen the heart, and prevent many diseases.

Cardio can be easily done at home or in the gym with Stairmaster or Stairmaster. treadmillHowever, the two instruments work in different ways. In this article, we’ll explore how to choose the best machine for your fitness goals.

Stairmaster vs Treadmill: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

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1) for cardio

The Stairmaster is a great option for aerobic exercise, but is primarily suitable for short, high-intensity workouts. The difficulty can be slightly higher than on the treadmill.

The treadmill features a natural movement pattern. This makes it easier to complete long, low-intensity workouts on the treadmill than on the Stairmaster.

Better Choice: Treadmill

2) Burn calories

A typical calorie burn for someone using the StairMaster ranges from 180-260 calories in 30 minutes of exercise. A treadmill, on the other hand, burns about 100-300 calories for the same amount of activity.

Better Choice: Stairmaster

3) Impact

Both machines are great for low impact cardio workouts.However, treadmills are a better option for those suffering knee pain For the following reasons:

  • adjustable tilt
  • variable pace

However, the Stairmaster requires more exercise around the knees, ankles, and hips.Not even comfortable for those who have back injury.

Better Choice: Stairmaster

4) for bodybuilding

The treadmill focuses on building overall fitness and improving endurance. On the other hand, the Stairmaster is effective for building lower body muscles.

Your choice of equipment depends on your purpose. While cutting, the treadmill is an ideal choice for longer, less impactful cardiovascular activity. This is because it helps to keep the lower body moving and maintain cardiovascular fitness through interval training.

A better choice for cutting: the treadmill

Bulking Better Choice: Stairmaster

5) for weight loss

Weight loss is a simple process. A calorie deficit causes the body to start storing fat, leading to fat loss. You can increase your deficit by doing aerobic exercise or increasing your daily activity.

You can accelerate your weight loss process by doing HIIT workouts.

Read about sample workout options for treadmill When steer master.

Best Choice: The one you use regularly

6) Cost

Treadmills are generally inexpensive. But beware of low quality models as they don’t protect your joints well. The Stairmaster is more expensive, but it is a more reliable piece of equipment and ideal for more intense workouts.

Better Choice: Stairmaster


Both are good options as explained above, but the better option is the Stairmaster. It is routinely used by today’s bodybuilders during competition preparation.

Better Choice: Stairmaster


Make your choice easy.

Intense Short Workout: Stairmaster

Long, leisurely workout: Treadmill (can increase intensity if desired)

Best for Overall Weight Loss: Treadmill

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