Is the FIFA 23 Premium New Year’s Review Pack worth it for Ultimate Team?

The Premium New Year’s Review Pack was launched early in FIFA 23 with the launch of the FUT Ballers promotion. This offers another great option for those who enjoy investing in specialty packs. It comes with some unique products available at a high cost, but there are many reasons why someone should get this pack.

EA Sports has released several such packs in the past, and their release dates usually coincide with the launch of various promotions. Unlike standard packs, they offer different items and more chances for special cards. This proposition makes them very attractive to players trying to open them.

However, these packs are significantly more costly than the standard options, so they have certain drawbacks for FIFA 23 players. As a result, analyzing potential benefits is critical to avoid wasting valuable resources.Let’s see the return on investment of the Premium Osechi Review Pack game.

FIFA 23 players should be ready to spend tons of coins when they need to open the Premium New Year’s Review pack.

FIFA 23’s pack value proposition is driven by three key factors:

  • The type of card the pack offers.
  • What are the percentages/odds of winning a particular type of card?
  • pack cost.

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So, there are 31 cards in all that can be obtained in the premium New Year’s review pack:

  • 30 Rare Gold players, all rated 81 or higher.
  • Two cards are guaranteed to be picked from TOTY Honorable Mentions, FUT Centurions, Future Stars or WInter Wildcards.
  • 1 TOTY Icon loan pick out of 3 cards for the duration of 15 games.

Pack odds for applicable rewards are as follows:

  • Gold 75+ Players – 100%
  • Gold 82+ Players – 100%
  • Gold 90+ players – 12%
  • Team Player of the Week – 60%
  • Winter Wildcard Player – 55%
  • FUT Centurions Players – 53%
  • TOTY Honorable Mention – 7.7%
  • Future star players – 53%

PREMIUM NEW YEAR REVIEW PACK PRICE 300,000 FUT Coins again 2,000 FUT Points Unlocking in FIFA 23 can only be done once per account. The price seems pretty high, but in the past there have been special packs that cost more.

300,000 FUT Coin There are certainly a lot in the game, and there is always an element of risk associated with opening packs.

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That being said, this is one of the best special packs to open in FIFA 23. A lot depends on your luck, but you’re guaranteed two items that are promo cards.Plus odds for all promotions included TOTY honorable mentionis quite high.

There is no guarantee of the final result, but players may get some promotional items upon opening this particular pack. Clearly, not all those cards are worth it, and there are certain items in the reward pool that have pretty low ratings. Still, considering the overall risks and rewards involved, this is a great option to bet on.

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