Is Lamar Jackson’s elbow a red flag? Ravens call QB’s restricted throws in practice ‘normal’

If Lamar Jackson was 45 Tom Brady or 38 years old Aaron Rogers, Wednesday may have come and gone as a product of wisdom, perseverance, and poor maintenance.Instead, when you turn 25 Baltimore Ravens The quarterback showed up wearing a full-length black compression sleeve on his throwing arm and did not attempt a pass at practice Wednesday. It elicited the expected reaction.

Some frown, have questions, wonder what the problem is.

“It’s just a normal season,” Ravens coach Jon Harbaugh told reporters. “He practiced today, so he’s going to play on Sunday.”

Apparently practicing, Jackson told reporters he didn’t throw a pass on Wednesday, and a right elbow injury was also included in the injury report. He wore sleeves with elbow pads, the type normally used by the team’s trainers, to stimulate and minimize joint swelling. said it was comparable to the sleeves worn by quarterbacks. Matthew Stafford – Whose Elbows required minimal workload Rested from last season and continues until training camp.

The exact cause of the injury was not clear, but Jackson appeared to have hit his throwing arm at full-back. Patrick Ricard Sunday’s defeat in the third quarter miami dolphins.

“A man hits or lands on his elbow [in games] You’ll see him wear the sleeves as a practical preventive measure, as he can deal with the pain and swelling for a few days. I don’t think it’s uncommon.If it’s this, it could be a red flag.…he’s on the next first injury list [the game on Sunday]so it’s usually just a spot where he’s probably been hit and had some swelling or strain, and they’re paying attention and making sure he’s okay. [Sunday]”

Jackson has yet to finalize a long-term contract extensionwho didn’t seem concerned about having to wear sleeves, told reporters he was ready to throw on Sunday.

“I’m going to throw Sundays—lots of Sundays,” Jackson said. [elbow] The road came with a sleeve. There were no additions. i will be there on sundaygo to practice [Thursday]. I am okay. “

After a 1-1 record in two games, Jackson was arguably the best start of his career, completing 64 percent of his passes for 531 yards and only one interception for six touchdowns. There is none. He also ran for 136 yards and a touchdown.he is facing new england patriots of the Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa and the Pittsburgh SteelersMitchell Trubisky passed by one touchdown each in a 1-1 start.

Jackson’s versatility and skill level are far greater than when Patriots coach Bill Belichick affirmed that the Ravens’ quarterback could be thrown out of pocket and ultimately considered an MVP-level player. represents a challenge. .

“Definitely the type of player, the type of MVP candidate.” Belichick said about Jackson“I think he’s more than an answer [questions about his ability as a pocket passer]But we’ll see what his deal answers [questions]”

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is off to a blistering start to the season. But he popped up in this week’s injury report. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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