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Is key person insurance tax deductible? The Complete Guide |

key person insurance It is a life insurance that a company takes on the life of its important employees. A key person is someone whose death would have a negative impact on the business. That person could be, for example, a company’s CEO or founder, or a chief sales officer who brings a lot of revenue to the company.

Key person insurance, also known as key person insurance, is an essential tool for companies to protect against the financial consequences of the death or long-term or permanent inability to work of a key employee.

The SBA and many banks have set this part as part of their lending standards, so key person insurance is often required if a company wants to obtain a loan or investment. This kind of protection is essential for a start-up, as a small business usually depends more on his one or two key employees than a large company.

Is key person insurance tax deductible? It may not be the most important question, but the answer may influence your decision. So, if you’re wondering if you need keyman insurance, answer the following questions. Will your business suffer financially if a key employee dies or becomes disabled and unable to work? If yes, consider purchasing key person insurance need to do it.

This coverage helps offset costs associated with the death or disability of key employees, such as lost earnings, recruitment and training costs, and other financial burdens.

Before we answer the key question, let’s learn a little more about key person insurance: Is key person insurance tax deductible?

How does Keyman Insurance work?

Like any life insurance policy, key person insurance has three roles that you should be aware of.

  • Insured: An insured person is a major contributor to the company and for whom death or disability results in a payment. The insurance premium depends on this person’s age, health condition, lifestyle, etc.
  • Owner: The owner of the policy is usually the company that takes out the life and disability insurance of the principal employees. Since the company pays the premium, it has the right to change the terms of the policy and even transfer or sell the policy.
  • Beneficiary: This is an individual or company that receives benefits if the insured person dies or becomes unable to work for an extended period of time. Please note that the unfortunate event must occur during the coverage period for the beneficiary to receive the agreed benefits.

Before you can insure one of your key team members, you need to choose between whole life insurance or disability insurance. A life insurance policy pays a death benefit if a key employee dies. Disability insurance reimburses a company for expenses incurred due to the partial or complete absence of a key individual, whether temporary or permanent.

The best solution is to include a disability rider in your life insurance policy to ensure multiple scenarios are covered.

However, you must tell your key person that you are taking out key person insurance, indicate your desired coverage, and obtain written consent before purchasing.

Key Person Policy Type

Keyman insurance is broadly divided into two types: whole life insurance and term insurance.

whole life insurance The policy provides coverage for the life of the insured. Whole life insurance benefits are paid regardless of when the insured person dies. Whole life insurance also has a cash value component, which increases over time and is accessible to the policyholder during the life of the insured.

term insurance A policy provides coverage for a specific period of time (usually 10, 20, or 30 years). Term insurance death benefits are paid only if the insured dies during the policy period. Term insurance does not have a cash value component.

Key person insurance is usually term insurance, is significantly cheaper, and can be extended if needed. We recommend that you get flexible coverage so that if the insured person retires, you can change the insured person and increase or decrease your premium accordingly.

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Is key person insurance tax deductible?

If the company is the owner and beneficiary of a key person policy, premiums paid for that policy are not deductible as business expenses. You have to pay the premium in so-called after-tax dollars. The National Tax Agency explains Life insurance policies are not tax deductible if the taxpayer (company) is the beneficiary.

you must Report all key person policies Have all supporting documents required by the IRS for yourself, your executives, or other high-contribution individuals. That is, it should include the number of employees insured, the employee’s consent form, and the amount of coverage for each insured person.

A company can deduct key person insurance premiums only if they are part of the employee’s taxable income. In that case, the beneficiary is the employee, but this is less likely because if something happens to the insured person, the insured person and his family receive all benefits.

Key person insurance may not be tax deductible, but benefits received by the beneficiary in the event of disability or death are generally exempt from income tax. The only case where this is not the case is if the company is a C Corporation and the income from the policy is part of his AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) calculation.

You should always consult your tax or legal advisors to make sure everything is done before filing your company’s taxes. Professional help is highly recommended as you do not want to make a mistake in calculating your taxes and deductions.

How much keyman insurance do you need?

A man considering the coverage of necessary key person insurance

Unless you have to borrow money from a lender who demands certain limits on key person insurance policies, there really is no one size fits all when it comes to the amount of coverage you need. The main goal when choosing which coverage to purchase is to minimize the damage caused by losing a necessary employee and ensure the benefits you receive.

It’s not always easy to determine how much your company would lose if something happened to one of your key employees or yourself. If the person is a valuable sales team member, there are some real numbers to help you do the math. Otherwise, consider seeking help from a financial professional.

Here are some methods to help you calculate how much keyman insurance you should buy.

  • Salary multiple method: This method uses a multiple of the key person’s salary to determine the amount of compensation. For example, if a key person has a salary of $100,000 and the company wants to buy coverage for $1 million, the company will spend 10 times his salary.
  • Replacement cost method: A method for calculating the replacement cost of a key person. Businesses estimate the cost of recruiting and training new employees to replace key personnel.
  • Financial Impact Method: This method estimates the financial impact of the death of a key person on your business. To do this, the company calculates lost revenue and profits due to the death of key persons.

The amount of coverage is not the only factor that determines the premium. The type of insurance and the limit you choose also affect the premium you have to pay. While we have already discussed the insured’s age, health and lifestyle as factors that affect premiums, insurers should also look at company size, structure and industry when calculating premiums. Must know.

If you want to learn more about how each of these factors affect the cost of your policy, check out the following guides. Key person premium.


So is the key person insurance tax deductible? As you can see, the short answer is no. But this is probably not the most important question to keep in mind when considering purchasing policies for essential team members.

The purpose of having key person insurance is to protect your business’ financial foundation in the event of the loss (permanent or temporary) of a key team member. This is especially important for small businesses that rely on their founders, CEOs, or other key individuals to keep their operations running.

If you purchase a portable or transferable policy, the employee can assume ownership of your coverage if he or she decides to leave the company. In this way, key man insurance becomes part of employee benefits and can be used to attract both top talent and experienced candidates.

If you want to learn more about coverage, you can always contact an experienced broker to find the best option for your business.If you are ready to get an online quote for key person insurance, feel free to Sign up for Embroker’s digital platform And let’s get started.

*The information contained herein is subject to Embroker’s terms and conditions and may be based on Embroker’s experience as an insurance broker, available information, current insurance information and market or may be of a general nature. There is a nature. Nothing in the content provided should be construed as tax, accounting, legal, or actuarial advice. We provide comments and recommendations related to the types and terms of insurance coverage, but the decision to act or not to act is ultimately the sole decision of the insurance purchaser.

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