Is Jon Hamm’s Confessions, Fletch a sequel?

33 years since last time fletch The movie, and now the classic detective series is back in theaters confession, fletchBut with new stars, a new team, and more than 30 years between the last movie and this one, you might be wondering: Jon Hamm’s confession, fletch Sequel?

Based on the popular novel series by George Macdonald fletch In 1985, it was adapted into a comedy thriller starring Michael Ritchie. chevy chase as undercover reporter Irwin M. “Fletch” Fletcher. The first film follows Fletch, who is hired to kill billionaire Alan Stanwyck, who is said to be dying of cancer. 80’s classics are well received, 77% of rotten tomatoesRichie and Chase followed fletch A not-so-fun sequel. fletch lives.

beloved characters live on confession, fletch, supervised by Greg Mottola and a star Jon Hamm as the title character. The film opens in limited theatrical and on-demand locations on September 16th and premieres on Showtime on October 28th. But where does it live in the Fletch universe? A sequel? Read on to find out.

teeth confession, fletch Remake?

It is no exaggeration to say confession, fletch not a remake of fletchThe film takes inspiration from the second McDonald’s novel in the series and tackles a different storyline than its predecessor. This crime comedy follows Fletch as he becomes embroiled in a murder while searching for his collection of stolen art.

teeth confession, fletch Sequel?

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. The outlet used the terms reboot, remake, and sequel to confession, fletch Dropped. Trends show that “reboots” were most common during the pre-production and production stages, while “sequels” grew in popularity closer to release.

in the meantime confession, fletch Same pattern as last time fletch The film, it does not welcome the return of previous characters, except for the famous detective.

What does the director say?

Mottola does not explicitly state where confession, fletch exist within fletch franchise. But in the golden age of reboots, confession, fletch It’s a reboot, especially given the recast of the leads and the lack of references to previous films.

mottola said up rocks first script for that confession, fletch – by author Zev Borow – was the equivalent of ‘fan fiction’. The director said, “Even in front of John, [Hamm] Writer Zev Borow approached me and was hired to adapt confession, fletchwhich John thought was the most interesting to try and decipher.

He continued, “Zev loves the original. fletch And I think he really just wrote his fanfiction fletch script. There was a lot of really good stuff, but it just wasn’t the tone that John and I were talking about. “

Mottola added that when he “took over” the script, he made it more faithful to the book by incorporating “characters and elements” and changing his approach to comedy.

While the 1985 comedy remains timeless, confession, fletch It took its inspiration from the McDonald’s book series rather than the previous two films. It’s more of a reboot than a remake or sequel.

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