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Iranian protesters set fire to police station amid fears over woman’s death – Times of India

Dubai: Protesters Tehran Several other Iranian cities set fire to police stations and vehicles on Thursday as the unrest sparked by the death of a woman detained by the Islamic Republic’s moral police escalated for six days.
Twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Amini died last week after being arrested by Tehran’s morality police for being “improperly dressed”. She fell into a coma during her custody. Authorities said they were launching an investigation into her cause of death.
Amini’s death sparked public outrage and was Iran’s worst protest since 2019. Mostly concentrated in Iran’s Kurdish northwestern region, it spread to the capital and at least 50 cities and towns across the country, where police used force to disperse protesters. .
In the northeast, protesters shouted “We will die, we will die, but take back Iran,” near a burned police station, posted on the Iranian protest-focused Twitter account 1500tasvir showed a video that was done. It has about 100,000 followers.
Reuters was unable to verify the footage.
Another police station was set on fire in the capital, Tehran, as unrest spread from Amini’s home base of Kurdistan.
Iran’s rulers fear a resurgence of 2019 protests over the bloodiest gasoline price hike in the Islamic Republic’s history.
Protesters also expressed anger at Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei“Mojtaba, don’t die and become supreme leader,” chanted a crowd in Tehran, referring to Khamenei’s son, who is believed to have the potential to succeed his father at the top of Iran’s political establishment. seen chanting.
Reuters was unable to verify the video.
Three protesters were killed by security forces on Wednesday, bringing the death toll to 10, according to a report from the Kurdish rights group Hengaw, which Reuters could not confirm. .
Hengaw, residents and the Internet Shutdown Observatory reported that authorities restricted access to the internet as the protests showed no signs of abating. net block.
Amini’s death has unleashed anger across Iran over issues such as freedom in the Islamic Republic and the turmoil caused by economic sanctions.
Women play an important role in protests by waving their veils or burning their veils, and some even cut their hair in public.
In northern Iran, a crowd armed with batons and stones attacked two members of the security forces on motorbikes as the crowd cheered, as seen in a video that Reuters could not confirm.

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