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Iran: 15 people attacked in church, 2 men executed.

Ιρανικό την την capital punishment σε δωμένη για την Αντησης σε σιτικό μαυσωλείο στο Iran κατα την και σκοτοῦης Responsibilities borne by 15 people and organizations of the Greek Orthodox Church in October.

Ο εισαγγελέας της παρμέρης Φαρς, Καζέμ Μουσαβί declared: Two men convicted on charges including ’empowering global public security’.

Footage captured by security cameras and shown on state television shows the attackers entering the popular Saks Serag pub in the northern Iranian city of Shiraz, hiding guns in their bags and firing at fleeing worshipers. is shown. .

Ο ένοπλος, ο θέσει τουτοποιήτης ως πολίτης του Τατζικιστάν.

The two men sentenced to death said they had contacts with the Islamic Kingdom in neighboring Afghanistan during the trial and were involved in organizing the attack.

Ποινές φυλάκισης – 5 to 25 years old – επιβλήτης σε τρείς εἰμένη στην δικη, είσε ο εισαγγελέας.

The Islamic Kingdom, once a security threat in the Middle East, is also responsible for previous attacks on Iran.

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ-Reuters-AFP

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