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International Emmy award-winning Dutch children’s program producer

Dutch production Kabam! IJswater Films won an International Emmy Award for the best television program produced outside the United States. The Dutch drama was nominated for Kids: Live Action. The prestigious award was presented for his 50th time on Monday night. The broadcaster said KRO-NCRV and producer his IJswater Films on Monday were proud that the youth-focused television series won the award.

The KRO-NCRV series focuses on children’s fears. In 10 short stories, a student different from the teacher. Mo (Idriss Nabil)’s class talks about the fears they have. This series hopes to show that “something everyone fears sometimes” and that solutions can often be found. Kabam! Directed by Elisabeth Hessemans. The series competed at the gala against works from Singapore, Australia and Mexico. The awards ceremony was held at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York.

“First of all, it is worth giving a very big compliment to the creators of the series and our colleagues in the drama department. Being the only Dutch entry to win such a major television award is a special achievement. and a great confirmation of the quality of KRO-NCRV and NPO’s childhood and youth dramas in general,” the station said when asked.

IJswater Films called it “great” news. “This international recognition for the special theme of our coming-of-age drama series is incredible. Young children confront their fears through fantasy,” said the producer.

Kabam! It beat out works in Singapore, Australia and Mexico. The prestigious award was presented for the 50th time. Awards awarded in the United States go to television series produced outside that country.

This is not the first international Emmy Awards for the Netherlands.Past award history is a movie got a pocket knife, actors Pierre Bokma and Maarten Heymans, actresses Bianca Krigsmann and Mariam Hassoni, and the TV show De Grote Donner Show. Peter R. De Fleece also awarded Natalie in 2008 for his reporting on Holloway’s disappearance.

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