Instagram Stories shorter than 60 seconds are no longer split into clips

Instagram is rolling out a feature that will let users upload longer stories without interruption, the social network confirmed to TechCrunch on Friday. No longer divided into started change test We rolled it out to a handful of users late last year and are now rolling it out to all users worldwide.

“We are always working on ways to improve the story experience,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch in an email. “Now he can play and create stories continuously for up to 60 seconds instead of automatically being cut into 15-second clips.”

The new changes are probably a welcome addition to the app, both for users and viewers alike.Users can now post unbroken, uninterrupted stories. Viewers, on the other hand, no longer have to keep tapping through long videos that they might not actually want to watch. But this change could also be a turn-off for those who like the simplicity of short, bite-sized stories.

Additionally, the ability to post longer stories without interruption blurs the line between story and reel somewhat, as there are two options when it comes to posting 60-second videos.

As Instagram pivots to video, the social network is increasing time limits for its video products.In June, the company added support for up to and longer Instagram reels. 90 secondsup from the previous one 60 secondslimit. Instagram also recently made a system change to show new video posts under 15 minutes Automatically share as reel.

Changes to Instagram’s video capabilities shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering Instagram head Adam Mosseri explained: Instagram Priorities for 2022, he said the company is doubling down on video. He hinted that Instagram will consolidate all its video products into reels and continue to grow its short-form products. This shows that the line between story and reel can become even more blurred.

This all comes down to Instagram going after TikTok, Fullscreen feeds like TikTok Users eventually became so reluctant that they forced social networks to return Controversial change. But that doesn’t mean Instagram is going to stop prioritizing videos. Because the recent changes to Stories show that the social network is still pretty fixated on being a video-focused platform.

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