India’s Nikhat Zareen and Manisha Moun advance to quarterfinals of Women’s World Boxing Championship

India’s Nikhat Zareen and Manisha Moun advanced to the next round in their respective divisions at the International Boxing Association (IBA) Women’s World Boxing Championships in progress on Sunday. Both Nikhat and Manisha participated in Round of 16.

The 26-year-old Nikhat beat Algeria’s Boualam Roumaysa 5-0 to reach the quarter-finals of the 50 kg group. Meanwhile, Manisha beat Australia’s Rahimitina 5-0 to advance to the 57kg pre-quarterfinals.

Unperturbed by the Algerian ranking first in the 50kg class, Nikhat gradually tried to dominate the competition. Unseeded in her 50kg division, Nikhat Zareen’s strategy was to gain the upper hand from the first round, but she took at least 15 seconds to see her higher-ranked rivals before launching her attack. bottom.

“Bhoulam looked a little confused, so I took the initiative and attacked,” Nihat revealed in the post-match exchange. “Boerum is an aggressive boxer and I decided to keep my distance as well. My strategy worked.”

Nihat Zareen Considered one of the strongest contenders for the 50 kg title of the 2023 edition of the Women’s World Boxing Championship. At her last World Championships in Turkey, she won gold in her 52kg category. According to Nikhat, she doesn’t trust her past performances and realizes the next round will be even harder to compete.

Nihat Zareen said, “All the boxers competing in the Women’s World Boxing Championship 2023 are excellent. “Towards the World Championships 2023, I’m climbing the ladder step by step. I’m working out a new strategy for the quarterfinals. , I hope it will be successful.”

Australia’s Manisha rivals seemed a little rusty and the former took advantage to dominate from ‘Word Go’. After stamping her authority in the first round, Down Under’s Rahimi looked practically tired and her punches were off target, so Manisha didn’t have to work hard.

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