Immigrants who claimed they ‘just want to go to New York’ broke into an old farmer in Texas: Grandson

A Texas farmer claims he witnessed eight immigrants on the run from border patrol break into his 95-year-old grandfather’s house.

The man who can see the border wall from the entrance, Videos posted on TikTok A man first “rushed” into his house on Wednesday, but was unable to get through the locked door.

The immigrants then went to their grandfather’s house next door, ran in, barricaded the back door, and hid behind the kitchen island and in the pantry.

He even allegedly heard one of the men say, “I just want to go to New York.”

The farmer, who chose not to identify himself, told Fox News Dealing with immigrants has become a “everyday occurrence”.

“These guys have attacked our house. They’re trying to open the door, they’re trying to get in,” he said. “Not everyone does, and I agree with that, but they were trying to escape and break into our house. It was pretty bad.”

The video, which contains security footage of the alleged incident and was posted with the #letsgobrandon tag, received widespread attention and garnered over 136,000 likes. The comments are littered with sympathizers praising the farmer for showing the realities of life in a border town.

A rancher in Texas witnessed eight immigrants break into his grandfather’s house to escape border patrols.
The migrant sprints through the man's front door.
Seeing migrants cross the border was a “daily occurrence,” the farmer said.

The man’s family-owned ranch for more than a century has properties that extend beyond the border wall and run along the Rio Grande River. Not the responsibility of US Customs and Border Protection This is because there are not enough people to cover the vast tracts of land along the border.

The farmer has posted several other videos of immigrants casually traversing his land after crossing the border.

“Must love Obamacare, or what the hell, Biden’s fucking plan?” he says.

The man, who identifies as Hispanic, told Fox that he sees the immigration crisis as a “humanitarian issue” and blames the Biden administration and the governor of Texas.

Farmer did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment.

On Tuesday, border officials said they had arrested A record-breaking 2 million illegal immigrants On the southern border for the last 11 months.

You can see the border wall in the distance.
Farmers can see the border wall from their homes.

almost 8,000 immigrants crossing the southern border every day about 2,000 Seeking shelter every day in El Paso, Texas.

Abbott has been shipping immigrants to the progressive city since April and is urging other border states to follow suit.

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