‘I’m struggling a bit’: Charles Leclerc wants room for improvement despite finishing second in qualifying

Charles Leclerc narrowly missed his chance to take pole position again at the 2023 Saudi Grand Prix.

However, Monegasque will be penalized 10 places on the grid for the new power unit components and will finish 12th in the race.

Leclerc has proven his team has the pace to make it to the front row in Jeddah, but will miss out on this opportunity due to grid penalties. Ferrari The driver had a disastrous time in all three practice sessions this weekend, but showed real pace in qualifying.

Max Verstappen was again the talk of the session, but not because of his phenomenal pace. The Red Bull driver started the race in his 15th position, while his teammate Sergio he Pérez took pole position for his second consecutive year in Jeddah.

Charles Leclerc said his team red bull But I’m proud of the lap he put in at the end of Q3.

After the event ends, talk to Khalil Bethir in Parc Ferme, Charles Leclerc Said:

“Happy? Yes, no. On the one hand it’s been a very difficult weekend in terms of pace, but I’m very happy with my lap. I think I really gave it my all. It was really on the limit. I’m on a planet and I’m struggling a little.”

“We need to keep pushing, but that’s what we do as a team. Tomorrow won’t be easy. We have a ten grid penalty, so we’ll start a bit further back, but we’re going to focus on the race.” “

Charles Leclerc dismisses claims Ferrari should give up in 2023

Charles Leclerc said Ferrari should be abandoned Pursue the 2023 F1 title and shift your attention to the 2024 season. It didn’t go well in Bahrain, where he was more than half a second behind Max Verstappen in race trim and forced to retire with a power unit failure, but the Ferrari driver remains committed to his goals for this season.

Adding to his problems, Leclerc has a ten-place grid penalty for using new power unit components in Jeddah. As a result, the driver started his twelfth place, just three places above his 2022 title rival. Max Verstappen.

When suggested that Ferrari could start focusing on the 2024 season, Charles Leclerc countered:

“We are still in the early stages of the World Championship and we have so many races to go before this season is over. We have to fight like crazy to get back on top and keep pushing. I really believe the season will be competitive, because we just did the first race.”

Charles Leclerc added:

“Obviously it didn’t go the way we wanted it to and there are a lot of rumors going around the team when Ferrari didn’t go the way it should have, but we are positive and wise. You have to spend your energy

“We need to push in the same direction, make a difference and come back stronger. I think this has all been the case over the past few weeks, so I can’t wait to get back on track, stop talking and come back. Can’t wait for the ‘ride.

It will be interesting to see if Charles Leclerc can hold off Max Verstappen’s onslaught in Sunday’s main race.

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