I’m so proud of my little boy after finding lewd videos on my iPad

I am a proud dad.

A father arrested his little one for pranks, not in the way you’d expect. I captured the moment.

in seconds trending twitter video Warren, who has nearly 50,000 views, went hysterical after coming across a video of a scantily clad woman performing “Stop, Drop and Roll,” but in a strangely captivating way.

The woman in the clip wore micro shorts, a skintight crop top and, of course, bunny ears that were turned low at the waist.

“When I first saw it, I thought it was funny. Not too rude, but definitely borderline,” the Greater Manchester native told Kennedy News of the clip.

“While I was with him, I thought I’d grab him and turn it on to interrogate him a bit. His reaction was really funny.”

A cheeky 6-year-old boy denied downloading pornographic clips.
Kennedy news and media
Warren and Acer
Warren thought it would be funny to film his son’s reaction because he thought the situation was humorous.
Kennedy news and media

Instead of punishing the curious child, Warren chose to embarrass him on camera, giving Acer a chance to clean himself up.

“You added this to your iPad,” Warren accused his son in the viral video.

At first, Tyke pleaded in the fifth, purposely refusing to save the clip and refusing to answer if he found the woman attractive because his father had asked him for an answer. .

“Liar,” Warren shouted. “I liked it so I saved it to my camera roll.”

“It just happened.” Acer stood his ground and shrugged at the question.

Warren shared a clip online that translates to “laugh.” Because he “thought it would be interesting to share.”

Even with a look of guilt on Eisa’s face, he continued to insist that it wasn’t him.
Kennedy news and media
blurry clip
This risqué film showed scantily clad women seductively performing the “stop, drop and roll” fire fighting technique.
Kennedy news and media

Thankfully, Acer’s mother, 39-year-old Daniel Reddykin, was also amused by the incident.

“He was overjoyed to see it, but when I asked him about it, he was embarrassed, so he must have liked it. “He must have liked the look of the girl,” the father explained. I have.”

The eagle-eyed father of two spotted the filthy clip two days before he faced Acer on camera last Sunday.

A fellow man touted the youngster as an absolute “legend” in the comments section of his Twitwit, clearly thinking his bizarre parenting moments were the best kind of humor.

“What a better boy!” commented one TikToker.

“Impeccable taste,” another praised the boy’s pick.

“Legend,” someone said simply.

Acer and Warren
TikTokers found the clip funny and defended the little boy’s taste for women.
Kennedy news and media
A viewer called Acer a “legend” in the comments.
Kennedy news and media

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