If WWE Brings Back The Divas Championship, Only One Star Will Win It

The women’s division has come a long way over the last decade. Following the evolution of women, new opportunities were handed to female members. WWEroster.

The Divas Championship officially retired in 2016. However, it looks like the current superstar is looking to bring back the title, and there might be a great reason for it.

For a while, being called a diva was considered a derogatory term, and many female wrestlers disliked the term. We have already proven that we can deliver.

Should Mace push WWE to bring back the Divas Championship?

as part of a recent appearance The BumpMace found the Divas Championship and posed throughout the show.

This prompted Wrestling’s Twitter to call out to give Mace a chance to win the title. Some even ask the company to revive the championship just for Mace, as it works with Mace’s current gimmick.

WWE recently scrapped the 24/7 Championship. Triple HHis decision because when he took over creative last year, nothing significant was going on with the title.

It is unclear if the company will allow Mace to have its own championship. But even if it’s not an official title recognized by the promotion, Mace should be allowed to bring it into the ring and claim it’s an active championship.

Maximum Male Models now have their own niche, and the Divas Championship is a perfect fit for every character.

Do you think Mace deserves a chance to retain the title in Maximum Male Model? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The reigning champion of WWE challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin.detail Here.

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